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Bram Coopmans

Angeren 1975

In 1999 Bram graduated from toneelschool Maastricht. Since graduating he’s been a successful actor. He’s worked with a variety of talented directors, including Jetse Batelaan, Jakob Ahlbom, Eric Whien and Eric de Vroedt. He was part of the theater marathon Borgen (directed by: Ola Mafaalani). Bram was nominated twice for a Louis d'Or: firstfor his role in Mightysociety2 and the second time for his monologue Tom Pain at TheNational Theater in 2021. For Mightysociety4 he was also nominated for an Arlechino. The performance Drink by Jetse Batelaan, in which Bram played the leading role, won the VSCD mime prize.

In 2017, Bram joined the ensemble of The National Theater where he played the solo performance Tom Pain, De Eeuw van Mijn Moeder and the Leedvermaak trilogy.

In 2015, Coopmans starred in the television film Lange aftermath of a short announcement. He also appeared in the short films Gratis (2016, which received the presitigious Dutch Gouden Kalf award for best short film), Code A1 (2012) and Come Spring (2009). He also appeared in Nobody in the City (2018) and Tonio (2016), Bellicher, Red Light, Het Gouden Uur and in the docu-drama series The Snowman, in which he plays the role of serial killer Michel Stokx (2022).


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